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Renard Bergstrom
Dealer Principal

Wayne Brandt*
General Manager
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Pembina, ND Wayne said that the experience of a first-time vehicle purchaser never gets old. He's been involved in different aspects of the purchasing process over the years, but "excitement" is a word that he uses often when describing what he does and why he loves to do it. He can't wait to show you just how perfect you look in your new vehicle, while also making sure that you get everything you want.

Jeremy Devier*
Vice President of Sales
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Devils Lake, ND Jeremy started working for the dealership as a salesperson during college, thinking it would be a great job to do at the time. Little did he know, over 20 years later he's still here and he still loves it! He said the customers' excitement never gets old. His favorite vehicle to drive is a Ford Mustang. Although he doesn't have a "favorite" feature, he truly enjoys helping customers find the vehicle that fits their own needs and wants and would love to help you out.

Bob Davis*
Used Car Director
(701) 662-4017

Hometown- Crary, ND Bob really enjoyed the art of negotiation, as well as new cars, so he decided to give the car business a try over 20 years ago. To him, the satisfaction of seeing a smile on a happy customer's face cannot be beat. He also appreciates all of the friendships he's formed through selling vehicles over the years. His favorite vehicle to sell (and drive) is the Ford F-150. The technology has changed tremendously in the past 2 decades, and it's Bob's favorite thing to show to customers.

Richard Eback
Fixed Operations Manager



Ben Bergstrom
Customer Acquisition Coach

Erin Duben
Customer Acquisition Lead

Dawn Ryan
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Jordan Grumbo
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Tia Fox
Customer Acquisition Specialist



Bill Heisler*
Sales Coach
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Egeland, ND 

Bill likes vehicles- especially the new ones, dealing with people, and meeting a challenge, so selling vehicles was a career that just made sense. He has a soft spot for Camaros because they were his first car, but he also really enjoys selling trucks because in the area we live in they are so important, and the manufacturers are always making so many improvements to them. Stop by and let Bill show you how a new vehicle can fit into your life- whether it's for work or play!

Scott Lyman*
Sales Coach
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Carrington, ND 

Scott has always had a passion for things on wheels, including cars and motorcycles. He also enjoys meeting new people, so selling cars has been a very natural fit for nearly 2 decades. His favorite vehicle to help customers purchase is a pickup because they're such an important part of life to the people living in this area. Stop by and let him show you all of the neat features and advancements on our latest vehicles.

Doug Henke*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: New Salem, ND 

Back in the '70's, Doug needed a summer job and thought the idea of driving new vehicles sounded like a pretty awesome opportunity- he hasn't looked back since! While he likes to meet new people and find them the perfect vehicle, his favorite part is watching customers drive away in their new vehicle with a huge smile on their face. His favorite vehicle is the GMC Sierra, although all others are a close second. He understands how overwhelming all of the latest technology can be, so he really enjoys helping a customer understand how the technology can benefit them.

Dave Brustad*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Mayville, ND

Dave's interest in selling vehicles started young after watching his dad do the same. He enjoys both learning about and driving all of the new vehicles so he can talk about them with customers! His favorite is the GMC Yukon and the feeling of safety, security, and sitting up higher. He has come to enjoy the Android Auto and Apple Car Play feature on the infotainment systems, along with the fact that almost every vehicle now has free onscreen navigation- and he'd love to show you how these can both benefit you.

Monique Kraft*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: St. Michael, ND 

Monique's mom has been telling her from an early age that she should sell cars someday… little did she know it's where she would end up! Her favorite vehicle is the new GMC Sierra because of all of the great features that cater to a variety of customers. She believes in making her customers know they are her number one priority and does this by tailoring each experience to the individual wants and needs of the customer- whether it's a family, business owner, commuter, or first time owner!

Dusty Lyman*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Carrington, ND 

Dusty grew up around the car sales business, so it wasn't a hard choice for him to join the team when the time came. He'd love to show you all of the benefits of purchasing a New vehicle- including full warranty and tons of fun technology to make life easier and the drive more enjoyable.

Nikki Johnson*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Sawyer, ND

Nikki is passionate about helping others, and working here allows her to help our guests find the ride of their dreams! She enjoys meeting new people and said that there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a smile on a happy customer's face. Her favorite vehicle is the GMC because of the quality of the ride, the secure braking, and the technology package. She can't wait to help you understand the technology and safety features on your new vehicle!

Denton Heisler*
Sales Consultant
(701) 662-4017

Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

Denton has been around the car business for most of his life, as his dad (Bill) has sold vehicles in the Lake Region for many years. He most enjoys the interactions he has with people and helping them find vehicles that they are excited about. Denton has owned GM pickups and says they're his favorite to sell because he can relate to the people who are looking at them. Ownership of at least one of every major model in the last 10 years has helped him gain a lot of experience and knowledge. Denton looks forward to showing you how technology has advanced in vehicles as the body styles have changed.



Dave Kvislen
Service Coach

Dennis Mason
Service Advisor

Zachary Bounds
Service Advisor

Hunter Hillebrand
Service Technician

Andrew Zimmerman
Service Technician

David Chenze
Service Technician

James Jacobsen
Service Technician

Shawn Gugle
Service Technician

Zach Smeltzer
Service Technician



Jamie Sailor
Quick Lube Advisor

Jason Allery
Quick Lube Advisor



Steven Wignall
Parts Manager

Anthony Vasquez
Parts Counter

Dave Elston
Parts Counter



Andria Miller
Finance Coach



Casey Reardon
Office Coach

Joy Townson
Office Lead

Jessica Nelson
Office Assistant

Amy Jacobson



Aaron Geer
Recon Manager

Zachary Bergrud
Recon Technician

O'Shea Red Fox
Recon Technician

Cory Morstad
Recon Technician

Lee Schumacker
Recon Technician

Casey Greywind
Recon Technician

Joe Azure
Recon Technician

Paul Matheny
Recon Technician

Jose Cruz
Dealership Custodian



Shane Swenson
Body Shop Coach

Jeffrey Sebelius
Body Shop Technician

Tanner Hilliard
Body Shop Technician

Kevin Dahle
Body Shop Technician